Our Farms

three animals stacked

It all starts with the right farm…

All of our meats are supplied by farmers committed to ethical and sound farming practices like Harley farms in Keene Ontario. Our beef, pork, and free-run chickens are not fed hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. Our meats are naturally-raised and not kept in cages. All the animals are fed a balanced diet, and cared for by veterinarians to ensure their health and well-being. Our fish are wild-caught and not from factory farms*.

(*Trout may be Ontario farmed depending on time of year)

At Shopease Foods we have been the lifestyle food experts for over 35 years by delivering natural, locally sourced food.

Reasons we choose local

•  Only the Freshest fish & seafood products are used

•  The Largest Fish available for better portions & fillets

•  Quality Inspected & Assured

•  Always processed in Cold Temperature, Refrigerated Rooms

•  Product never sees warm temperatures in any part of our cold chain

•  Federally QMP & HACCP Certified

•  Full Traceability

•  Excellent Centre of the Plate appeal